Car Rental
Terms & Conditions


Terms and conditions for car rental

Insurance details:        

All our vehicles are insured against damages done to and from third parties. If damage to our vehicle results because of the vehicle’s driver’s fault, the damage is not covered from your Full Coverage Insurance, but from the insurance policy of the other vehicle (the third party). A police report has to be made and the customer must give a statement of accident on the standard forms to be found at the TTA desk. Call TTA office for assistance if our vehicle is damaged because of its driver’s fault, the damage is covered by the full Driver’s insurance. A police report has to be made and the customer must give a statement of accident on the standard forms to be found at TTA desk. Call TTA office for assistance. In any case the insurance company includes 90% of the damage and 10% is going to be paid by the person who drives.

Full Coverage Insurance (FCI) has some exceptions:

  1. FCI does not cover damages on these parts: tires, tire tearing (80 euro), tire disk covers as well as damages of chassis because these damages can be caused only by driver’s carelessness.
  2. FCI does not cover damage to the engine caused by lack of oil or damage to the oil pump.
  3. FCI does not diminish responsibility for damage caused by driving under influence of alcohol or drugs.
  4. FCI does not cover damage due to the international blasting, explosives, setting on fire or burning the interior upholstery.
  5. FCI does not cover damages caused by a driver that is not authorized in written by us to drive the vehicle.
  6. FCI does not cover the damages of the mirrors. (210 euro)
  7. FCI does not cover damages from scratches, dents & chips.

In case of accident, if there is no police report, FCI shall be applicable at all and the client is responsible for covering full damages.

Mandatory procedure:

In case of a traffic accident customer has to call the police and TTA, give a written statement and fill in all the necessary forms.

Drop off fees:

Pick up in Saranda office of TTA and drop in the same office. Cars are not allowed to drive outside of the country.

Possible extras:

Rates usually include: daily rent (24 hours), unlimited kilometers, FCI.

Possible extras:

Delays in the return of the vehicle are charged as follows:

  • 0-1 hour = no extra charge
  • 1-3 hours= 10 euro extra
  • 3-5 hours = 50 % of a full day
  • Up to 5 hours= a full day
  • Delay in the return of the vehicle for 6 hours and more, without notifying TTA will be reported to the Police authorities.


In case of delays, you should email us at or call us +355692664264

  • Monday-Sunday
  • 08:00-20:00
  • WhatsApp Available.


Condition of vehicle upon delivery:

All vehicles supplied will be prepared by TTA before pick up. Such preparations will be set out in the pre-rental check list. All existing vehicle damages will be noted on a damage report prior to rental.

Condition of vehicle upon return:

TTA requires that the vehicle be returned in the same conditions as when rented, with intact tires, except for normal wear and tear excepted.

Extra equipment:

  • Child seat available on request for free.


Delivery and collection on request:

We can deliver or collect the vehicle within city limits, during working hours for a fee of EUR 1.5/KM + 20 % VAT. For any request please contact our reservation center.

Payment policy:

Rental payment is in advance. Cash payment is accepted. A deposit of an ID or passport or EUR 300 should be made. This deposit will be returned at the end of the rental period. Acceptable credit cards are Visa, Visa electron, Master Card and Maestro. Because of possible extras such as fuel or extensions of rental etc., a blank slip of your credit card must be left at the beginning of the rental.

License Requirements:

Drivers must produce a full driving license and have at least one year of continuous driving experience, without any serious penalty or disqualification prior to rental. Failure to adhere this condition will result in the insurance being null and void. Age requirements: 25 years minimum. Additional driver: One additional driver is allowed free of charge. Other persons are subject to a fee of EUR 10 per day.

Fuel Policy:

Vehicles should be returned with a full fuel tank. In case of refueling by TTA a refueling charge of EUR 10 (include VAT) plus fuel costs will be applied.

Parking and Driving Offence Administration:

The customer is responsible for all penalties incurred relating to traffic offences- parking tickets, etc. We will collect an administration fee of EUR 35 (plus 20% VAT) for processing these claims. In the event of a traffic accident, the renter must advice a TTA representative immediately giving full details of the incident. In case there is a properly damage to the rental vehicle we will provide you with a replacement one.


The customer acknowledges that any property left in the rental vehicle is at his or her risk and that TTA has no responsibility for such property.

Key Charge:

Where keys to vehicles supplied by TTA are lost or damages whilst vehicle is on rent, a charge of EUR 160 (key without control) or EUR 250 (key with control) will be applied for replacement key, plus extra costs EUR 80 will be applicable.

Cancelation Policy:

  • If you cancel your booking 30 days prior to your pick-up, you will be refunded minus the cancellation fee 15 % of the total amount.
  • No refund will be applied for unused rental days.
  • You cannot cancel your booking if your rental has already started.

You can cancel your booking by sending a cancellation email to:

The product is non-refundable in the following cases:

  • You did not inform us about the cancellation of your booking prior to your pickup.
  • You failed to pick the car up at the arranged time and date.
  • You failed to provide the documentation that is required to pick the car up.

*In all of these cases, you’ll receive no refund of the money you’ve paid. The car rental company reserves the right to refuse the car to any customer who fails to arrive at the scheduled time and date with all necessary documentation.